1. For Registering, Adjusting Classes, Schedule Appropriate Time for Traveling, and more, check:

Academic Calendar

2.  For Academic Regulations and Procedures and International Student Attendance Policy (pgs. 27-34); Immigration Change of Status; Curricular Practical Training Course Reference Guide (Co-operative Education and Internships); Course Registration; General Information about Admission; Tuition Fees, Payments and Scholarships; and other services at UB, read over:

UB Catalog

3.  For information about the university’s Student Resources and Services; Undergraduate Academic Standards and Guidelines; Campus Activities, Governance and Athletics; Residential Life; and Student Conduct and Policies, read over:

Key to UB Student Handbook

4.  For writing guidelines, study tips, online subject learning platforms, one-on-one tutoring, and more see the two links below:

Academic Resources for Students


Tutoring and Learning Center

5.  For a greater sense of well being and great tips to point any student who feels overwhelmed in the right direction, read more on the Counseling Center web page. You can also read some of their Helpful Tips