Cultural Adjustment to Academics

Concerns about academics and how it relates to your immigration status? You may wish to speak with both your Academic Advisor and an International Student Advisor. Advisors may have questions too.

Hot tips for the classroom!

Tip Number One

Tip Number Two

Tip Number Three

Get familiar with classroom terms and what they really mean for your professor and for you. Not every professor has the same expectations but he or she will write you down the classroom expectations in the course syllabus. The syllabus is seen as a class contract between you and the professor that you must follow. Be familiar with its contents. If something is confusing, don't be afraid to ask the professor!

Always communicate with your teacher first. If it is not in the syllabus, the professor may have other rules that he or she expects for you to follow. Please be considerate of their rules. If for some reason you have a concern regarding the teacher's rules, explain your situation.

Ask your professor for more information. Teachers help students to learn. If you have questions or if you need more time to understand a topic, ask your teacher for resources and guidance. The university offers tutoring, help with paper writing, and other academic needs. Please click here.

Tip Number Four

Tip Number Five

Be mindful of simple values upheld by your professors. Believe it or not, employers have the same expectations! For example, be punctual, follow deadlines, and participate in class. Ask your professor what he or she means by participation. It may be different from what your teachers and professors in your home country expected.

Be professional with your work and writing. How do you express your concerns in writing? You may not realize that an email and a text message are not written in the same way. If unfamiliar with how to communicate in writing effectively, ask the Academic Learning Center and attend workshops.