Everyone in the United States, regardless of immigration status, is responsible for completing U.S. tax filing requirements for each year of residence in the United States.

Whether U.S. source income was earned or not, all International Students and Scholars must file certain required forms with the IRS.

Let the VITA Tax Assistance Program help you with your taxes.

The Voluntary Income Tax Assistance program at the University of Bridgeport provides international students with personalized non-resident tax counseling and preparation for free.

Our volunteers are certified by the IRS and provide pro-bono income/ non-income tax assistance to international students and scholars by completing various IRS tax forms.

The mission of the VITA Program is to provide free basic tax return preparation for eligible foreign student taxpayers. Volunteers are the program’s most valuable resource. To establish the greatest degree of public trust, Volunteers have a responsibility to provide high quality service and uphold the highest of ethical standards.