F-1 School Transfer or Program Change

Instructions for F-1 Students Transferring to the University of Bridgeport


  • You are maintaining valid F-1 status at current school
  • The gap between your last attendance in your current school and the new program start date at UB is within 5 months or the next available session, whichever comes sooner
  • If you are on OPT, the gap between your OPT end date (NOT the grace period end date) and the new program start date at UB is within 5 months or the next available session, whichever comes sooner
  • If you are an immediate transfer-in student, the gap between your arrival date in the U.S. and UB’s program start date must be less than 30 days
  • Current I-20 must be valid unless you are in the 60-day grace period following your program completion or authorized OPT

All transfer students are required to attend Orientation. If you report later than 15 days of the program start date as listed on your I-20, your SEVIS record will be terminated.

UB Does Not Accept a Terminated SEVIS Record

Students who lost F-1 status must apply for an initial I-20 for legal reentry to re-validate their status. Students who do not satisfy the requirement of beginning classes in the transfer-in school within 5 months and next available session must apply for a new I-20 for legal re-entry as well.


Contact the International Admissions Office

You will be provided a transfer form after you satisfy the requirements by International Admissions Office. This form needs to be filled out and signed by your current school. Your SEVIS record CANNOT be released if you do not receive permission from the International Admissions Office or you do not have a valid F-1 status with your current school.

Contact Your Current School to Have Your SEVIS Record Released

After receiving confirmation to have your SEVIS record released from UB's International Admissions Office, contact your current school to have your SEVIS record released to the appropriate UB campus. Upon receiving the released SEVIS record, International Admissions Office will issue you a transfer pending I-20.

Schedule and Attend Your Passport Check-In Session

Complete passport check-in and report to International Center for Students and Scholars. Make sure to bring your passport, all I-20s from both previous school(s) and UB, acceptance letter, OPT card if applicable, original transcript and immunization record.

  • International Center for Students and Scholars activates the initial record to complete the transfer once you are registered and the semester begins.
  • If you are traveling abroad prior to the semester start date, International Admissions Office issues a transfer pending I-20 with a support letter for you to travel. You must return before the Orientation start date.  After you return, follow the above-mentioned passport check-in process.

FAQs for Transfer-in or Transfer-out

A school transfer for immigration purposes means a change in the school you are authorized to attend by changing your approved I-20 form. The school transfer procedure must be followed even if the credits that you earned at a previous school are not counted for credit toward your program at U.B.

Yes. A school transfer must be completed even if you are changing your degree level or starting a new degree following Optional Practical Training.

No. A school transfer will terminate any authorized employment based on Economic Hardship, Curricular Practical Training or Optional Practical Training.

Step 1
Check your holds – Make sure you have no holds on your account.
Check your balance – Payment is due upon registration. Pay off your balance to avoid de-registration and SEVIS termination.
Step 2
After Step 1 is taken care of, submit an Enrolled Student Transfer Out Form.
Remember: per immigration requirement, you must remain enrolled and attend class before your SEVIS record is released.