F-2 Dependent

Dependent Information

Your dependent spouse and children (unmarried and under the age of 21), may apply for an F-2 visa or change of status to F-1 to accompany you in the United States while you are in F-1 student status. F-2 dependents are NOT allowed employment under any circumstances. F-2 children may attend school up to the high school level, but there are strict restrictions on attendance at the university level or for language training.

Please be sure to discuss education of your F-2 dependents with an International Student Advisor prior to having them start an educational program.

Documents that F-1 must prepare

To have your dependents join you, an I-20 form must be issued for them.

Required items:

  • F-2/J-2 Application form
  • Proof of marriage for a spouse (original); If the marriage certificate is not in English, please provide a copy of the marriage certificate and the official English translation.
  • Copy of passport page(s) showing name, date of birth, place of birth and citizenship
  • Proof of birth for a child (birth certificate) (original); If the birth certificate is not in English, please provide a copy of the birth certificate and the official English translation
  • Proof of financial support for yourself and your dependent(s) (see the detail below)
  • Undergraduate – $55,620 + $8,175 per dependent*
  • Graduate – $41,540 + $8,175 per dependent*


  • Acupuncture: $42,470 + $8,175 per dependent
  • Biology: $36,240 + $8,175 per dependent
  • Chiropractic: $53,755 + $8,175 per dependent
  • Counseling: $36,500 + $8,175 per dependent
  • Criminal Justice & Human Security: $36,240 + $8,175 per dependent
  • Educational Leadership: $34,370 + $8,175 per dependent
  • MBA/MS Analytics/MS Finance: 38,5100 + $8,175 per dependent
  • Ph.D. programs: $41,900 + $8,175 per dependent


Students on OPT provide:

  • $16,350 living expenses + $8,175 per dependent

For personal funds and non-personal (family) funds

You must supply a bank letter (savings or checking account only) on an official letterhead signed and dated by a bank official from within the last six months (scan okay). The funds must be sufficient to cover the expenses for you (the student) and for your spouse and children. 

For non-personal funds, you must supply an Affidavit of Support (scan okay). If you don’t have a notarized affidavit of support (because notary is not readily available in your country), you may download this form

For international funds, (savings or checking bank statement from home country) provide a currency conversion to USD.



For government or company sponsored students

Government or company-sponsored students must submit an official letter from their sponsoring agency indicating which costs (tuition, fees, health insurance, room, board, etc.) will be provided, which program they are sponsoring the applicant for, and the date the sponsor will be covering from. To receive the I-20 form without delay, be sure to send these documents along with your application form.


All documents that require a signature must be signed with pen. No electronic signatures accepted.

Please allow at least two weeks for processing after you provide all required documents.
Processing time varies according to current workload.