F-1 I-20 Form Extension

Procedure for I-20 extension

Please bring the following to the International Center for Students and Scholars:

Check Your Eligibility

Read details below to review the eligibility and deadline information to see if you qualify.

To be completed by both the student and academic advisor.

Bank Letter or Statement

From a savings or checking account only. Must be in English dated no more than 6 months old. For non-personal funds, an affidavit of support is required. If you don’t have a notarized affidavit of support (because notary is not readily available in your country), you may download the form.

Before you begin, review this important information on I-20 Extension:

If you will be remaining in your educational program beyond the originally estimated completion date (see question #5 on your I-20 form) you must request an extension of your I-20 form before your I-20 form expires.  An extension may be done at any time before the I-20 form expires- however, we recommend that you turn in your request to the International Center for Students and Scholars at least one month before your I-20 form expires.  Failure to extend your I-20 form before it expires is a violation of your F-1 student status and will require reinstatement to F-1 status.

You are eligible to extend your I-20 form if you:

  • Have continually maintained F-1 status and
  • Are making normal progress toward degree completion and
  • The delay in completion is caused by
    • Compelling academic reasons beyond your control or
    • Compelling medical reasons beyond your control

Examples of compelling academic reasons are:  change in major or research topic, or unexpected research problems.  Delays caused by academic probation, suspension, dismissal, poor academic progress or unauthorized breaks in full time study are not acceptable reasons for program extension.

What happens if I do not qualify to extend my I-20 form?
Students who cannot complete the program by the expiration of the I-20 and who do not meet the eligibility criteria for program extension are considered violation of F-1 status and must apply for F-1 student reinstatement or lawfully re-enter the U.S. with a new I-20 form.

How much financial support do I need to show?

Graduate Students:


Acupuncture: $38,675
Chiropractic: $47,095
Design Management: $34,505
Education: $31,840
Educational Leadership: $33,895
Global Development & Peace: $31,635
MBA: 34,025
Naturopathic: $49,293
Physician Assistant: $59,820

Undergraduate Students:

Dental Hygiene: $57,580

If you have F-2 dependents add: $7,370 for each dependent.You may show 1/2 of the above amounts if your extension request is only for one semester.

Graduate students requesting for one semester extension and taking fewer than 9 credit hours:

8 Credits7 Credits6 Credits5 Credits4 Credits3 Credits2 Credits1 Credits
$18, 310$17,370$16,430$15,490$14,550$13,610$12,670$11,730

Please be advised to PRE-REGISTER for the upcoming semester if registration has begun. A new I-20 will be issued to you in about one to two weeks.

Students must be preregistered for Spring 2019 before applying for a Travel Signature.Start here!