F-1 Student Status

What is F-1 Student Status?

F-1 student status allows you to remain in the U.S. for as long as you are a full time student at the school you are approved to attend, and in the program for which you are approved. F-1 student status also extends to the approved time for Optional Practical Training, the work experience time you may choose to use during or following your degree completion. There are also some grace periods. If you complete your program, you are allowed a 60-day grace period to transfer schools or depart the U.S. If you end your program early, but with the permission of your International Student Advisor, you will have a 15-day grace period to depart the U.S. If you violate your F-1 student status, you will have no grace period.

These web pages are intended to briefly summarize some of the more important topics of concern for an F-1 student. Additional information is available through the International Center for Students and Scholars.