Airport Shuttle Service

  • For transportation from JFK or LaGuardia airports, the University of Bridgeport recommends that you take Prime Time Shuttle (also known as GO Airport Shuttle) to UB. To reserve a seat, go to their website and use a credit card. If you have not reserved a seat before you arrive, you can typically secure a seat on a Prime Time shuttle once you arrive at the airport. Procedure:
    • Click here for arriving with or without reservations
    • Shuttle FAQs
    • Make sure to mention that you want to take the shuttle to the University of Bridgeport. They will tell you where to wait, and the driver will pick you up and take you to your address in Bridgeport.
    • Please board only vans clearly marked "GO Airport Shuttle Connecticut".
    • The ride to the University of Bridgeport takes about 1 hour. 
    • If you arrive at Newark Airport in New Jersey, you can use Connecticut Limo. Follow the same procedure as above, but ask for Connecticut Limo instead. Connecticut Limo does not take you to your campus address but arrives at the Bridgeport Terminal. The van leaves frequently throughout the day, until midnight. Once you arrive at Bridgeport Terminal, you should ask for a taxi to the University of Bridgeport. The cost of a taxi to campus from the Bridgeport Terminal is about $6.There is also a direct Amtrak train ( from the Newark International Airport to the Bridgeport Railroad Station. The train takes around 3 hours to reach Bridgeport.  In the unlikely event that your flight is delayed past the last departure of these pick-up services, you should stay in an airport hotel overnight and come to Bridgeport the following morning.DO NOT take a taxi directly from any NY/NJ airport to Bridgeport. It is VERY expensive!

Bus Service

Bus schedules are available at the campus information counter located in the Student Center. The bus terminal is located at 35 John Street in downtown Bridgeport. For more information, please call (203) 366-7070.

Bridgeport buses that will bring you directly to UB are #1 and #9.  You can access their timetables and exact routes here (  There is also a Live Bus Tracker for all Bridgeport buses, which can be accessed here (

National Bus Lines


For traveling out of the local area and out of state of Connecticut, the following services are available:

Train Services

  • Metro North goes southbound to New York City, and northbound to New Haven, making local stops along the way in towns such as Fairfield, Norwalk, Stamford, Stratford, Milford and Hamden. For more information please call 1-800-638-7646 or visit
  • Amtrak goes to Boston and Washington D.C., as well as other cities and states on the east coast. Call 1-800-872-7245 or visit
  • The Bridgeport Railroad Station is located in downtown Bridgeport, adjacent to the bus station on Water Street.

Ferry Boat Services

  • The Bridgeport/Port Jefferson Ferry provides transportation to Long Island, N.Y. Call 1-800-443-3779 or visit

Taxi Services

Ride Buses for Free!

  • All full-time UB students are permitted to ride on the Bridgeport city bus system for free. The Greater Bridgeport Transit Authority (GBT) buses stop at many entertainment, shopping, and cultural destinations throughout the city and surrounding towns.


    To ride the buses for free, you will need to get a sticker with an expiration date, from UB Campus Security. The sticker will go on your UB Student ID, which you must show when boarding GBT buses.

Zipcar Car-Sharing Service

  • Having a car on campus just got a whole lot easier! Students at the University of Bridgeport can have wheels with no strings attached! Zipcar, the world’s leading car-sharing service, is on campus. With Zipcar, members can reserve self-service, on-demand cars by the hour or day, 24/7. All UB students 18 years of age and older can become a member today.
  • Wondering how it works? There are 4 simple steps to Zipcar freedom:
    1. Join today at
    2. Once you’re a member, reserve a car online or on your phone for as short as an hour or as long as 7 days
    3. Let yourself into the car with your unique Zipcard (the keys are already in the car) and…
    4. Drive away (just make sure to return the car at the end of your reservation)

    With Zipcar parked right on campus, it’s easy to get downtown, do errands, or even take a road trip. 

    Interested? Join today at and follow us on Facebook.


Additional Info

  • Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles


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